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Posted by on October 2, 2017

Share this Talent  Tammy Nicole Myers (Free Spirit) is a Native of Columbia from South Carolina and is now currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Miss Myers is an Entrepreneur of many skill sets. She is a Humanitarian-Philanthropy, Author, Spoken Word Artist and Poet. She has self published a poetry Chapbook in 2001, and is


Tammy Nicole Myers (Free Spirit) is a Native of Columbia from South Carolina and is now currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Miss Myers is an Entrepreneur of many skill sets. She is a Humanitarian-Philanthropy, Author, Spoken Word Artist and Poet. She has self published a poetry Chapbook in 2001, and is a registered/copyright member of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Miss Myers has received a Certificate in Creative Writing in 2009 and is very passionate about her skillful craft. Some Artists draw, while others may sculpt or paint, but there is nothing like an Artist who SPEAKS! The essence of being an aspiring Poet and Motivator gives Miss Myers the ambition and momentum to keep pushing towards the mark of becoming a successful self published Author in the future. Miss Myers is an award winning poet of the International Library of Poetry. Free Spirit combines poetic feelings, inspirational modesty and passion that demonstrates the modernism of poetry. She presents the varied threads that create the rich tapestry of life. Her language and expressive images deliver a depth of meaning that is inspiring and therapeutic for the soul. Free Spirit’s poetry is heartfelt and filled with true morality of life experiences in regarding Family, Love, Friendships, Spirituality, Hurt, Pain, Resentment, Erotica, Abuse and being an Over comer for Christ. She aims to motivate, inspire and empower others across the nation. 

 Miss Myers has captivated audiences with; reciting poetry for private birthday functions, Church and Speaking Engagements, Workshops, Special Occasions, The Kwanzaa House book reading in Columbia, SC circa 2002, The Wine Up (upstage lounge) my first open mic in Charlotte, NC circa 2004, The Red Carpet Event at the Greater Chamber of Commerce in Columbia, SC circa 2013, Kiki Chicken and Waffles open mic circa 2013, Fulfill My Dream event for Songstress SaLil Wynette circa 2013, Scandal Thanksgiving open mic event Hosted by: Gemini Entertainment circa 2013, including Non-Profit Organizations in Charlotte, NC feature for an all women LGBT Chi Psi Omega Fraternity, Inc poetry event in circa 2013, Open feature for the Abstract Academy presents Sunday Sound Sensations- Ultra Lounge where all artists are welcome to express their talent for the open mic industry circa 2013, Wom’n2Woman Dinner Dialogue presents by Sybil Ingram for LGBT circa 2014, My Playful Pleasures event Hosted by: Nikki Simmons circa 2014, Red@28 open mic circa 2014, Charlotte Black Pride (Fallon Davis) presents Seduce The Mic event circa 2014, Blue Fountain Super Sexy open mic (Sundays) circa 2014, Cali Joe’s Verbal Intercourse open mic in Sumter, SC circa 2014, Charlottte Black Pride Blacked Out Voices fundrasing event in circa 2014, Mind Gravy open mic in Columbia, SC circa 2015, ITT Technical College Black History Month Spoken Word event circa 2015, It’s A Shi Thang shoe event Hosted by: Sebrena killian in Jacksonville, Florida circa 2015, SAYWORD Tuesdays open mic at the Apostrophe Lounge in circa 2015, Richland County Library -Voices for Our People event circa 2015, NFECEXPO (National Family Empowerment Conference) Hosted by: Donna Reed circa 2015, Soul Arts Festival event Hosted by: Ty Davis in Florence, SC circa 2015, The Charlotte Writing Academy workshop/event circa 2015, Co-Host for Def Soul Live platform presented by: Def Poetry Speak internet radio Producer Jaguar Watkins open mic circa 2015, Exhort Cathedral Church event for the youth children concert circa 2015, Bam Bam & Dak “G” Production Presents Pastor Ronald Gilliam and Born 2 Praise Showcase at Grace and Mercy Cathedral Ministry circa 2015-2016, Tutu Workshop for children circa 2016, Conscious Productions Presents: Free Your Mind open mic event for Charity circa 2016 and Ni’Kay Rountree presents: Flawless Publications Spotlight Poet circa 2017.

 Miss Myers has a Full Time Job and strategically driven as an Entrepreneur of Free Spirit’s Journey. She is marketing her Free Spirit Inspirational Poetic tee shirts and Book marks/Business cards. Miss Myers is an Independent Contractor with Vector Marketing circa 2003-present. She is certified and specializes in Natural Hair (Locks) circa 2010 and focusing on gaining more education in this field. Miss Myers is also working on an upcoming Erotica Spoken Word CD.

 To touch on Miss Myers’s humanitarian side, her experiences reach far beyond reciting poetry and spoken word performance. She has served as a Guardian Ad Litem Advocate, Mentor, Youth Counselor, Coaching of Strong Leadership, Care Giver,  Volunteer for U First and We Are 1 Community Outreach Non- Profits serving the homeless in communities, Volunteer Ambassador for the Harvey B. Gantt Center +African American Cultural Arts circa 2015-present, and Security Global Response Team member; where she deployed throughout the United States to serve and protect people in life crisis situations after the 911 terrorist attacks.  

Miss Myers has met some prominent people including Authors, Writers, Activists and Phenomenal Poets as presented below:

* Dr. Maya Angelou circa 2003

* Nikki Giovanni at the Charlotte, NC literary festival (I presented her a copy of my first written poetry chapbook) circa 2009

* Nikky Finney at an Empowering Women Event in Columbia, SC circa 2014

 * Performed with the Guerilla Poets at the Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts festival down town Kannapolis, NC and was Honored to meet Billionaire David Murdock (Owner of the downtown property) circa 2013-2015


#1) So Tell us a Little About Yourself?

My name is Tammy Nicole Myers a Native of Columbia, SC and I am an Ladypreneur of many skillsets. My passion is being a talented and creative Spoken Word Artist/Poetry who is very spiritual and is designed to bless the world (my audience) with my prolific and poetic words to inspire, uplift, and encourage them.

#2) How Long Have Been Doing Spoken Word for?

I have been doing Spoken Word poetry off and on over 16 years.

#3) What Motivates you to move forward in your career?

The fact that I love resilience and hunger for reaching all of my set goals, it’s my Self driven of Motivation and Ambitious Character that motivates me.

#4) Growing up who were/are your Talent influences?

When I was a little girl, I used to love watching the Wilma Rudolph documentary. Boy, was she a fast runner (chuckles). I knew right then I dreamed of being a track star. When I became older in middle, high school and some college I ran track and admired Jackie Joyner -Kersee and Florence “Flo Jo” Griffith as my idols.

#5) If you had a chance to meet a Spoken Word Artist who influenced you to perform. Who would it be?

I saw Dr. Maya Angelou (R.I.P) speak at a Convention Center, but I would have loved to had met her personally. Especially, being that I honored to have been told that my poetry in sync with her brilliant work.

#6) Do you have any Motivational Advice for the younger generation who would like to follow in your foot steps?

Of course I do. My gift is to be able to touch lives. I advised kids, youth and young adults to believe and trust in God and be true to themselves. Be on purpose with expressing their feelings no matter how hard it is to do. Remember, to always practice writing your thoughts out on paper in a journal formation and try not to suppress your internal thoughts if hurting inside. Be able to learn new ways to express your feelings in love, laughter, tears of joy or talk to someone who you feel comfortable with opening up too. Always strive to be EXCELLENT in everything you do or touch in life, no matter what battles may come your way.

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