Featured Author and Motivational Speaker Mocha

Featured Author and Motivational Speaker Mocha

Mocha is highly-qualified in love

Her  professional perspective is derived from years of personal experience in the art of romance and in the field of love.  Life’s journey both instructs and reproves and it is from that wealth of experience that MOCHA shares.

MOCHA offers information that couples can use to help them in their communication. Still, individuals can profit greatly by preparing for their beloved.  Mocha is widely known as a enlightening resource and an engaging counselor able to awaken new perspectives in avid listeners.  Her wisdom stimulates the mind and soothes the soul.

As author Mocha seeks to inspire: Newlyweds, Troubled Couples, Candidates for Mates, The Lonely at Heart, Women-Whose Flame Now Only Flickers, The Guilty Lover, The Betrayed, and you.

Mocha says,
“I take great pleasure in providing information that you can use from a source you can trust.  My books uphold a unique style and an invoking philosophy in providing useful strategies and a new perspective in communicating with your lover.   I understand that everyone has their own unique personality. Still, my aim is to capture the unique quality and personality of every individual and support them in awakening their own romantic senses as it relates to communicating.  My writing style provokes thought in the reader and awakens a refreshing perspective. I help you to relax, rejuvenate and explore your own flavorful word power.  I inspire people to love; to love again, to love deeper, to love like you’ve never loved before, to love out loud, to experience love in a new and exciting way and to love like your very life depends on it, because it does!”

Mocha is a Labor and Delivery nurse and has years of experience in High Risk Maternal Fetal Care. Whether it’s one-on-one patient care or consulting and instructing large groups of people, Mocha knows how to communicate. As a baccalaureate nurse with a MBA in Healthcare Management and a MBA in Marketing, Mocha travels extensively across the United States as a clinical expert with a focus on implementing medical documentation solutions in perinatal environments. Mocha thrives on communicating with people. She is widely known as an enlightening resource and as an engaging counselor able to awaken new perspectives in avid listeners. She lives in Texas with her husband, Keith, and their family.

As a motivational speaker Mocha engages audiences as Mistress of Ceremony for weddings, religious gatherings and educational events. 

Mocha is the energetic speaker that you have dreamed of!  Full of wit and knowledge, she’ll mesmerize any audience with a touch of class and magnetic charm.  Her presence is undeniably captivating!  It’s a rare personal quality but Mocha uniquely illuminates any room and engages audiences with unparalleled influence. With the awesomeness of a television celebrity, she’ll delight the audience as she teaches, motivates, engages and delivers world class star quality to any engagement.

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